1. Equity

Remember Shark Tank? The deals you saw being made?

They were dealing in Equity. Specifically, owning a part of the company and earning revenue from the sales they make!

The company's valuation is based on the market value and the revenue earned until that point.

Equity Trading is a great place to start, as there is high Liquidity, and the Returns are even better!

You can now be a part owner of companies you love.

GoPocket makes owning a piece of your favorite company - a Piece of Cake!

Why trade in Equity with GoPocket?

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Clients First, Always

GoPocket’s keeps you at the forefront.

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Access GoPocket Anywhere

You can access your Online stock trading account anywhere through our Web, App and API platforms!

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Immersive Experience

Trade from charts, interact with our financial experts and log in from anywhere.

It’s just that simple!

Search for your Favorite Stocks!

Still have some questions?

No worries; our Financial Experts are here to help.

2. Commodities

Commodity Trading means buying or selling any raw or primary agricultural material.

Let’s go back to 8th-grade Geography class - what would the different types of Commodities be?

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Agricultural Commodities - Soya, Chana, Wheat, etc.

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Metals - Aluminium, Copper, Gold, and Silver, to name a few.

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Energy - Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Coal, etc.

Trading in Commodities can offer you multiple benefits!

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Diversifying your portfolio.

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SafeGuard against Inflation and Times of Economic Uncertainty.

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Hedge against event Risk.

3. Currencies

You must be thinking, How could anyone trade Currencies? That doesn’t make any sense.

Well, you absolutely can! And make a profit from it too!

Trading Currency is just like making any other investment. Some currencies are more valuable than others. You buy low and sell high.

Currency Trading is better known as Forex trading (Foreign Exchange). With GoPocket, you can trade USD-INR, USD-JPY, EUR-USD, & more!

Why trade in Currencies with GoPocket?

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Analytics made easy.

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Instant margins for buying and selling.

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Real-time news at your fingertips for Currency.

Currency Trading was made better by GoPocket

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4. Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Imagine you have a company that everyone loves! You want to expand your business, so you offer company shares to the general public.

This is called an Initial Public Offering or an IPO.

People who buy shares of your company become part owners of your business. The price of your IPO can change based on how many people want to buy them.

To gauge this, people apply to invest in IPOs, and get a piece of the cake!

GoPocket makes the process of applying and tracking a simple one!

Our Financial experts are by your side and will help you make the right decisions!

Why invest in IPOs with GoPocket?

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Real-time tracking of Application Status

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Live updates of NSE and BSE platforms.

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Data-driven and expert analytics.

Bid for your favorite company’s IPO with GoPocket!

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5. International Stocks

International Stocks are like a Global Buffet, with different countries offering unique dishes for you.

Like how different dishes have different tastes and nutritional values, stocks from different countries also have their own benefits and risks!

Trying out new dishes enhances your palette and tastes.

Investing in International Stocks diversifies your portfolio and can offer you higher returns!

GoPocket can help take your investments to the next level!

Why invest in International Stocks with GoPocket?

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Get high-quality insights like fundamentals, performance, and more

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View your International Portfolio in one place, on any device you like.

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Assisted and curated Expert guidance.

6. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are like a Potluck Party where everyone brings a dish to share.

Instead of food, people bring their money and contribute it to a pool.

This pool is managed by a Fund Manager, who uses the money to buy different stocks and bonds to create a diversified portfolio

Why should you invest in Mutual Funds with GoPocket?

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Financial Experts manage your funds.

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ROBO advisory that curates the perfect fund for you.

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Affordability - Mutual Funds offer high returns at lower prices.

7. Futures

Let’s say you are a farmer. You are worried that the price of your wheat will fall by the time you are ready to sell your crop.

You can use Future Trading to lock in a price for now, so you’re protected if the price drops.

You are not buying or selling the wheat itself but a contract representing the future wheat delivery at a set price.

Invest Smartly in Future Contracts with GoPocket, and ensure your financial Future!

Why should you invest in Futures with GoPocket?

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Integrated contracts with Integrated Platforms.

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Detailed Bid / Ask price ladder

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Swift Order Entry

8. Options

Options trading is like playing a game of chess with your money.

You have a set of pieces (Options Contracts) that allow you to make strategic moves based on your predictions of a stock's future.

When you buy an option, you’re paying for the right to buy or sell a stock at a certain price - called the “Strike Price” by a certain date.

You can buy a “Call” Option, which allows you to purchase a Stock at a Strike Price by a certain date.

Or, you can buy a “Put” option to sell stock at a Strike Price by a set date.

GoPocket’s financial experts can guide you through this process!

Why should you trade in the Option chain with GoPocket

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Advanced Option Chain

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Pre-built strategies for Call and Put

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Analytics and Expert Guidance


Safety and Security

At GoPocket, the safety and security of your account and wealth are of the utmost priority.

Transparency is at our core - Our pricing, account opening process, and support portal; everything is here for you to see.


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Always keep your device (mobile, laptop or any device used to access GoPocket) password protected.

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Regularly update your GoPocket account password.

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Regularly check all your transaction statements, account statements, and portfolio holdings on GoPocket.

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Contact customer support immediately if you find any discrepancies in your transactions or portfolio holdings.


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Do not share your GoPocket account details with anyone by phone or SMS, even if they say they are from GoPocket.

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Do not share important information like card details, bank account login details, OTPs, transaction IDs, etc., with anyone.

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If you receive any suspicious communication, please bring it to our notice

Open your GoPocket Account within 5 minutes.